For some reason videos on youtube are having a trouble loading.  It will play about 10 seconds on the phone and then completely stop loading. Just started having this problem. This is happening using wifi.

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Does this happen to any computers on the same WiFi network?
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No not at all. It seems to be just with the Iphone and youtube. I have a 20mb connection, so I am wondering if the the issue is with the network or the Iphone.
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I had the same issue with mine sometimes,sitting at home on WIFI (24BM ADSL2) or 3G (Full signal) and all video's take ages to load, Then the next day it will be instant.

Anyway this is what I did and now its fine,

Solution Steps:

1. Open the Settings app and choose "Wi-Fi"
2. Tap the blue > on your connected Wi-Fi network
3. Tap the IP address in the DNS entry
4. Update your DNS address to: (I used Google's Public DNS service, remember to write down your previous settings). Seconday as if you want to.
5. Close the Settings app, and restart your iPad/iPhone by holding down the power button for 5 seconds, then swiping "slide to power off"
6. Turn on your iPad/iphone and try playing your HD YouTube video

Please let me know if this works for you, as it would be great for people to confirm this solution.

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I think you know that, but just to make sure, if you are using the browser it won't work at all. Maybe you can try downloading the Skyfire browser, it will run all of your youtube videos on the iPhone.
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